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Good communication with customers, partners and suppliers is vital for business success. This summary explores business communication methods.

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Getting the right IT is just the first step. Appropriate training, policies and working practices can help you maximise return on your IT investment.

Sample internet use policy

Our sample internet use policy template will help you create an internet use policy that explains how your employees may and may not use the internet at work

It will also help ensure that your business and its reputation, employees, IT systems and data are not compromised by employees through their use of the internet. Download our sample internet use policy free today.

Download sample internet use policy >>
(Microsoft Word, 60KB)

If you would like to include this policy on your own website, you must credit the Tech Donut and link back to this original page.

Why you need an internet use policy

The internet plays a vital role in everyday life. In business, it’s used to attract new customers, spread though leadership, improve communications or sell products and services.

However, the internet’s openness and the reliance placed on it by most people can pose a threat to your business, its reputation and employees.

In practical terms, an internet use policy can help ensure that employees make the most effective use of the internet - without wasting time on social networking and so on. Your internet use policy should include steps to minimise security risks, for example by only allowing authorised employees to download and install software.

At the same time, your policy should address potential legal risks. Your policies should help ensure that employees do not abuse other people's copyright or use social networking such as Twitter to harass or defame anyone, including work colleagues. You also need to ensure that employees understand the potential contractual implications of email and internet use (eg online purchasing) and are aware of any restrictions you impose.

Our sample internet use policy template

Our sample internet use policy template is designed to help you create an internet use policy that works for your business.

As every company is different, it's important to consider how you work with data and write a policy to suit your circumstances.

You can use our internet use policy template as a starting point and customise it as required.

Internet use and its implications are important issues for every business, so it's a good idea to seek professional advice before putting your policy into action. Using a sample internet use policy template may allow you to reduce your costs, because you won't need to ask your lawyer to create a policy from scratch.

You can download our internet use policy template now. It's a Word file, so most computers should be able to open it automatically.

Download sample internet use policy >>
(Microsoft Word, 60KB)

Implementing your internet use policy

Your internet use policy should be a practical document. Your staff should be able to understand it and refer to it when they need advice.

It's important to review your internet use policy regularly. Most companies do this about every two years. You should also review if your business changes how it operates or makes changes to where and how employees can access the internet (for example, providing mobile internet access or internet access to homeworkers).

It's a good idea to require staff to read your internet use policy (and sign a document to that end) when you introduce it. It should also be part of your induction programme for new employees.

However, always remember that a policy alone is not enough to ensure your business keeps its systems safe and operates within the law. Training, expert advice and clear lines of responsibility are other important considerations.

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