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Revealed: what start up business owners ask Google

9 November 2021

A new study of internet search terms used by new business owners has uncovered the start up business questions that are most frequently asked on Google.

Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance has investigated the most popular search terms used by those that are planning to start a business to find out where they need help and which topics are most important to would-be entrepreneurs.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular search phrases asked by new business owners on Google are "how to start a business" and "how to register a business". However, queries about business plans, websites, social media and mortgages for business owners are high on the list as well.

John Atkinson, head of commercial business at Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance, has analysed the questions and provided key answers. The top five Google search terms for start up business owners are:

How to start a business - 8,200 monthly searches

Atkinson says: "Many people want to start their own business, but often don't know where to start. First of all, it's most important to get the basics sorted … spend time researching potential options, including competitors and the opportunities in the market."

How to register a business - 5,600 monthly searches

Atkinson says: "The most common way for small businesses to be registered is as a sole trader, which only requires a national insurance number. Partnerships are similar to a sole trader set up, but the ownership is shared between a number of people … Limited companies must be registered with Companies House."

How to write a business plan - 3,300 monthly searches

Atkinson says: "A business plan might sound like a daunting prospect, but it's essentially a document describing your business, including information on objectives, strategies, sales and marketing strategy and financial information."

How to build a website - 1,800 monthly searches

Atkinson says: "A good website can make or break a new start-up so it's important you get this right. While it sounds very technical, there are a number of web hosting services, such as GoDaddy or Wix, that can help simplify your process and get your website ready for business quickly."

How to start a business with no money - 1,400 monthly searches

Atkinson says: "Many new businesses might be able to get themselves off the ground with very little money, such as a dog walker or freelancer, but it's important to calculate your outgoings based on your business model."

The following ten most popular start-up search terms are:

The full breakdown of the most Googled start-up questions are available on the Hitachi Capital website.

Written by Rachel Miller.

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